Jolene convinces Sid that Lilian should help more in the pub.

Radio Times: Jolene plays the Good Samaritan.

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  • David and Ruth have settled on a week in Sharm El Sheikh for their summer holiday. Snorkelling for David and a desert safari for the boys. David has to give Ed a bit of a hand with treating one of the cows’ eyes. He is still a bit inexperienced. But David is convinced he is doing a good job and should make a go of expanding the herd.
  • Fallon is still upset after seeing the article about her father in the paper. But Jolene is as worried about Lilian as she is about Fallon and wants to involve her more in the running of the pub. She has so much on her plate with all the family worrying about Jack’s regular carer leaving. Sid is reluctant. She was a nightmare last time she got involved. But Jolene convinces him it’s in their best interest – much better than if Lilian were to decide she can’t bear to stay in Ambridge any longer.
  • Vicky talks to Lynda about some of the hiccoughs she is finding at the start of a marriage. She is finding Brenda a bit stand offish. She hopes they’ll get used to each other in time. Lynda says things can still be strained with her step children even after all this time but have got much better with Coriander over the years. Vicky has now convinced herself the honeymoon is a cruise in either Bermuda or the Bahamas.

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