Brenda is upset that Vicky is taking on some long term regular care of Abbie.

Radio Times: Vicky wins Brownie points at Willow Farm.

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  • Hayley, Roy and Brenda are having a pleasant evening in the garden. More than Sid is – he’s being pestered to let Lilian have more to do with the pub to give her something to do. And while they are there, Mike comes with new plans for the garden. Roy and Hayley think the new plans are great but Brenda is still sounding reluctant. And she isn’t impressed that they’ve agreed that Vicky will regularly look after Abbie rather than Brenda who can’t commit to a regular regime.
  • Hayley and Roy are suffering with the cost of Phoebe’s new uniform for Borchester Green. So much expense. At least the new arrangement with Vicky will save them money.
  • Helen and Tom are getting okay with managing the farm. Helen finally persuaded Annette to sign a card for Sonia, her sister. Seems like Annette is forgetting all about her life in France. Helen wonders if it’s her fault but Tom thinks she is doing a great job.
  • Later Brenda explains to Tom how upset she is that Hayley and Roy were so thrilled that Vicky was taking on the babysitting. The more Vicky muscles in, the more Brenda feels shoved out.

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