Fallon’s father turns up back in Ambridge drunk and Sid let’s him stay overnight in the Bull.

Radio Times: Fallon’s problems come home to roost.

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  • Fallon’s father, Wayne turns up in Ambridge drunk. Fallon finds out he is living rough and tries to get him a bed in the Elms but they won’t take him because of his behaviour in the past when he has been drunk. She takes him back to the Bull where it is apparent he is ill and Jolene persuades a reluctant Sid to let him stay overnight.
  • Helen goes out for a drink with Kirsty and is still fussing about other people. This time it’s about Brenda and her hang ups with Vicky. But they get chatting with the Australian barman, Leon, and although Helen won’t agree to go out with him, Kirsty passes him her phone number while she isn’t looking.

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