Brenda saw Annette leaving Tom’s. Tom tells Helen and Roy nothing happened.

Radio Times: Annette finds friends closer to home.

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  • Stop-out Mike got in past one O’clock after going back to Vicki’s for coffee and having a great time chatting. Brenda saw Annette leaving Tom’s last night and thinks he’s moved on.
  • Annette has an enjoyable morning helping Susan and being back-filled in on village gossip including Rory, and who’s had cosmetic surgery. She’s surprised Susan closes the shop now and then to pop out despite there being customers.
  • Tom tells Helen about Annette’s visit and the pass she made. Helen’s worried; rejections from both the agency and Tom in one day. She rings Annette but finds she’s fine and off to Home Farm to borrow some of Alice’s DVDs and sit by the pool.
  • Roy tells Tom that Brenda saw Annette. Tom’s distraught. Roy must make clear to Brenda that there’s nothing going on between them and never will be.

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