Jennifer’s brakes fail; she’s unharmed. Annette makes her move on Tom.

Radio Times: Has Chalkman’s campaign gone up a gear?

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  • A Felpersham bound Jennifer has picked up a hitching Annette, who’d just missed the bus. Jennifer’s brakes suddenly fail. The handbrake stops them but Jennifer is shaken and then insists Annette wait for Brian rather than continue hitching.
  • Lilian and Matt are going a bit stir crazy. Matt’s for going out to Birmingham given his future incarceration, but Lilian’s not up to it. Then she hears of Jennifer’s accident and is convinced Chalkman’s behind it.
  • Helen’s trying to avoid phoning Annette to find out how the agency interview went; she doesn’t want to seem like her mother. Tom says he won’t be coming over for dinner; beer, pizza, and paperwork await.
  • Jennifer insists Chalkman didn’t cut the brakes and shows Lilian the garage report; last service missed, brake fluid leaked, electrical fault meant no warning light. Lilian’s still suspicious but Jennifer’s adamant none of the recent events are Chalkman’s doing.
  • Helen hears Annette’s day didn’t go well. The man running the agency clearly didn’t believe her about the car accident and she told him what she thought. When Annette hears Tom’s not coming over she says she’d like a walk, alone.
  • Annette arrives at Tom’s and has a beer. When Annette makes a move, it isn’t to go home and Tom’s startled and starts the “No! You’re a great girl but” routine. Annette, possibly embarrassed, says to “Just shut up” and leaves.

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