Brenda sees trouble ahead for Helen after a double date from hell.

Radio Times: Tom and Brenda have the double date from hell.

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  • Brenda is not looking forward to her double date with Tom and Helen & Ross, although she is unbelievably stirred by news of the success of Tom’s “Sizzling” advertising campaign. For Helen’s sake they will be nice to Ross this evening but the truth is, when they worked together, Brenda did not hit it off with Ross.
  • The evening gets off to a bad start when Ross is late, without phoning to say why; when he arrives he greets Brenda in a very sarcastic manner. He is less than complimentary about the choice of venue, too – Helen’s choice. Neither Brenda nor Ross will be drawn on their time as media colleagues.
  • Susan calls on Pat to increase her contribution to the Grundy collection. So much has now been collected that the present will be a night out in the West End. Susan was delighted to get an invitation and fully understands why Emma hasn’t been invited.
  • The double date is going from bad to worse, though Helen seems oblivious to the undercurrent. Ross hits the whisky and chats up the barmaid; he does not appreciate Helen’s attempts to get him to ease back on the drink.
  • A big sigh of relief is breathed when Tom and Brenda have dropped Helen off at home. Ross was clearly bored by the whole thing. He is a creep, a disaster waiting to happen. Nothing is more certain: he is going to dump Helen.

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