David and Ruth make grim party guests.

Radio Times: It is an unhappy anniversary for Phil and Jill.

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  • Lynda is pleased to be able to assure Phil that music for her panto is in good hands, so he need not worry; actually he gives the impression that he is far from worried about that. When Lynda reminds David about tonight’s rehearsal she gets a rather brusque refusal.
  • At the rehearsal, Jill is struggling to be wicked and Joe is trying to help: think wicked – think of Snow White as a nasty sort of girl who pulls the wings off flies. Jill must go soon for her anniversary party but not before Joe is able to report that Clarrie and Eddie’s present is now a weekend in Paris.
  • Contriving to snatch a few moments together in the kitchen, Phil and Jill cannot understand what is wrong: you could cut the atmosphere around Ruth and David with a knife. They are barely speaking and so miserable.
  • Jill takes the opportunity to ask David about what is wrong but is interrupted by Ruth making her excuses for an early departure. She tries again but David is giving nothing away – other than that it is not about Sophie; sounding close to tears, he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to talk about it, so don’t ask.

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