Brenda sets about her new job and Pip is encouraged to put Jude behind her.

Radio Times: Izzy does some straight talking while Brenda takes the initiative.

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  • It’s the morning after for Kenton. He came in about 3am, after a lock-in requested by the boss, and thoughtfully slept downstairs; Kathy rather dishonestly claims she was worried. She tells him about Jamie’s bowling request but she cannot resist remarking that, there being no meal involved, he will hardly need to talk to her at all – so much for making the first move.
  • Matt is keen to visit Hillside today to see how the work is progressing but Lilian’s priority is Jolene. Also, she hasn’t researched the bridge upgrade, which might affect a Hollerton property of interest, so Brenda quietly gets on the case as well as introducing herself to local estate agents.
  • Izzy is administering moral support to Pip. They visit Jude’s room, now cleared, and Pip is upset to find that some of her things are among those discarded – just as she has been discarded. When did he decide to dump her?
  • Lilian calls at Jaxx for a boost. Jolene has heard that she must hear the will read on Friday. Lilian has collected Jolene’s dry cleaning only to find that some of Sid’s clothes were included.
  • Though she would not have said this before, Izzy admits that she didn’t like Jude, what she knew of him. Everything centred on him – what he liked, what he was interested in – and it was weird to see Pip agree with him and trot after him. She was not really herself when with Jude; now she can be.

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