Fallon increasingly takes over the reins at The Bull.

Radio Times: Alan offers advice and Lynda retains a sense of mystery.

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  • Jolene is still here in body but not in spirit. Now she has forgotten to leave a note for Jazzer about cream.
  • In the shop, Vicky is bursting to know about Lynda’s whodunit – and to have a part in it. She does have a suggestion about the murder weapon – poisoning with veal and ham pie; she has found Tom’s questionnaires but will not be giving any out. When Fallon calls in for cream, Lynda asks about the beer tent but Fallon is completely in the dark.
  • At the fête committee meeting Lynda reports her conversation with Fallon. Alan will call at The Bull later. They are all agog to learn of Lynda’s plot and Jill has her arm twisted to play the part of Doris Perkins. Who can they get to open the fête? Jim has an idea.
  • Vicky lets slip that Jolene served Mike a half when he asked for a pint – another symptom of her state of mind. Vicky recalls that their wedding anniversary was just a year ago, all organised by Jolene. Alan is reassured by Fallon that she can cope with the beer tent; she has a good team and has invaluable extra support from Harry and Lilian. Fallon seeks advice on how to help her mum and the vicar recommends just continuing to offer gentle loving support, listen when she wants to talk and don’t try to hurry her; let things take their course.

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