News of Kate’s year in Ambridge brings joy for Phoebe and dread for Roy and Hayley.

Radio Times: Phoebe can’t believe her luck and Brian entrusts David with a secret.

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  • Will he really come? It’s short notice for a famous person to turn up in Ambridge to open the fête. Jim can but ask. (So can you but the identity of the celebrity is still to be revealed!) Hayley’s further explanation of fête plans is interrupted by Phoebe’s phone – it’s Kate, wondering if Phoebe can put up with having her around in Ambridge for a whole year.
  • Meanwhile it’s her youngest daughter who is causing anxiety for Jennifer: Alice has not been in touch. Brian is unconcerned; probably Jennifer isn’t either but she has been irked by having to listen to Susan crowing about her call from Christopher. Brian has come back from the BL board meeting with a big smile: the board have approved his market plans.
  • Brian visits Brookfield to share his market plans with David; he would like to get local NFU backing. Brian also confides that he has bigger plans, for other farming related business, but that is between him and David for now.
  • Phoebe must have got it wrong. A whole year! Roy and Hayley cannot muster quite the enthusiasm of Phoebe. Roy needs to ring Kate himself but she’s engaged.
  • Of course she is engaged; she is busy telling Jennifer that the news is out.
  • Roy’s second try is more successful and Kate confirms that it really is a year-long diploma and she will be living in Ambridge; her other children will stay in South Africa so she can concentrate on her work – and Phoebe. Great! Hayley just hopes that Phoebe is not too upset when Kate flits off again; she and Roy will be picking up the pieces.

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