Brian and David have different ideas about discussing Siobhán; Lynda and Robert are as one in their pursuit of Foursquare.

Radio Times: Lynda gets on Foursquare’s trail.

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  • Robert is on Neil’s back about nailing up more hunt posters around the village. Lynda arrives in full agreement with her husband but without time to talk to him. She must catch Clarrie and tell her that the Salome in her mystery play is only a role as a minor midwife – bad luck Eddie!
  • David and Ruth are delivering their beef in an anonymous van – David thinks the whole world must have watched the local news and now be branding him “badger killer”. But Matt Crawford has submitted some new plans for his development and whatever, David will take great pleasure in objecting to them! They try to avoid Lynda, but decide to ask her whether she will attend the beef tasting. She gives a positive answer, then comments on the response to the court case on the message board. She is full of further suggestions for research on both points of view, but David is just not interested.
  • Brian, too, has been listening to local radio. He feels so sympathetic towards David’s plight and despairs of what he has heard purporting to be reasoned argument, especially on the side of the badger. Neil calls in with his (lots of) posters. Brian will get Adam and the men to put more up – no problems. If Neil sees David when he goes to Brookfield, tell him Brian was asking after him … Jennifer says she’s going to the village. Could she drop him off at Brookfield? He really needs a change of scene for a short while.
  • Lynda and Robert get down to the serious business of identifying Foursquare by ‘spamming’. Robert seems to know what will appeal to just such a narrow-minded provincial bigot who feuds with his neighbours …
  • Brian arrives at Brookfield. It may be a bad time but David feels he can spare a few moments for a poor old invalid … ! The ribs are still giving Brian gyp, and all he can do is sit around and think. And he can’t remember a thing about the accident, about the last few moments with Siobhán, what he said to her. David is adamant – he’ll talk about anything else, but not Siobhán. As far as he’s concerned, that subject is now finished. Brian seems to understand …
  • Lynda and Robert are dangling the bait, and are sure Foursquare’ll bite eventually …

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