Oliver’s daughter is heading for New York, making him happy and sad all at the same time.

Radio Times: Oliver gets some bad news.

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  • Lynda is still worrying over her lack of a Mary and Joseph for the Mystery plays; perhaps they could ask Foursquare if they ever catch him but he has not bitten yet. Robert thinks it is time for ‘Lindy’ to do some serious arm-twisting.
  • Susan is being persuaded to write to the local MP; she just needs to say what she feels, as she did at the hunt meeting. She agrees, if Oliver and Caroline will look it over before she sends it. Oliver is called away to take a call from Eleanor, the only one of his children with whom he is in touch.
  • Kirsty is taking Tom in hand, marching him through the countryside to get off some of his newly acquired extra fat; it comes of too much desk-work. They come across yet another pro-hunt poster, much to Kirsty’s annoyance; now there is one less.
  • Oliver’s phone call took longer than expected. Eleanor is thrilled by the news that her husband Ian has been promoted and they will be moving to New York, probably before Christmas. That’s a bit further than Bristol for Oliver to go to see his grand-children and, Christmas being a busy time for Caroline, they probably would not be able to go to New York then.
  • Over a much needed pint in The Bull, Tom and Kirsty talk about fitness, being Mary and Joseph (an offer they can refuse!), hunting and badger killing and it is clear that Kirsty is quite passionate about some issues. This leads Robert to surmise that they may be wrong in assuming Foursquare to be an old fogey; he may need to bait his trap with a different cheese.

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