Greg looks forward to Christmas with his children as Oliver frets about his family going away.

Radio Times: Caroline gets food for thought.

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  • Oliver’s daughter has sent an email with details of her move to the US. Caroline, sensing that he is more troubled than he admits, announces her intention to come home for lunch.
  • Robert has thought of new bait for Foursquare – 1001 practical jokes.
  • Helen is a bit short with Pat in the shop and explains that Greg’s ex-wife has suggested that the girls come to Ambridge for Christmas.
  • Kirsty enquires after ‘Mr Aldridge’ when Jennifer comes into the shop and rightly concludes that he is not the most patient of patients. The sausage king has had some good news, sales are up since he was persuaded to drop the price. Kirsty has plans for another country walk combined with some pro-hunt poster hunting; Pat advises them to watch their backs.
  • Lynda is now chasing Adam for the Mystery plays; there are some good parts left and Alice could play Mary opposite Adam’s Joseph (incestuous!). She is a bit miffed that Alan will not try to persuade Amy.
  • Caroline’s lunchtime talk reveals that Eleanor has not worried about leaving Oliver in England. He has always had his own life. He feels he has failed as a father and now she has no time for him. He enjoys being part of Ed’s life and, for a ghastly moment, Caroline thinks he has visions of starting a new family. But no, Ed brings him such tales of deprived youngsters that he is contemplating fostering.
  • Greg and Helen are also having a lunchtime chat; he has decided to drive over and get the girls for Christmas. Helen is less enthused than Greg who is convinced that having two daughters to stay will be twice as good as the last visit.

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