Brian and Jennifer begin to realise Matt and Lilian may not be coming back.

Radio Times: Jennifer finds the truth is hard to take.

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  • The Grundy’s are making this year’s cider. One batch is going to be with vintage Borsetshire Beauties. Even Oliver fancies that. Ed has at last got the tenancy agreement for the new land and is obviously nervous about taking it on. Eddie and Joe are sure he will make a go of it but it’s a pity Will can’t see that. It’s tough for them both, of course.
  • Brian and Jennifer have supper at the Bull. Despite all the talk of a community shop they are both determined Peggy should realise her assets and convert the shop into a flat as soon as possible. Pat isn’t being helpful. Jennifer is worried about Lilian. Surely she would tell her if something was wrong? But Brian thinks Matt has chosen Costa Rica for a reason and has no intention of coming back.

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