Brian instructs Lilian to buy two tickets back home and to get on the plane with or without Matt.

Radio Times: Susan’s loyalties are put to the test.

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  • Lilian’s unimpressed by Matt’s cheery suggestion of breakfast out; he goes alone. She rings Jennifer in tears and tells her all about the dismal flat and Matt’s plan to stay. Jennifer isn’t much help and just tells her she must persuade Matt to return, as if she hadn’t already tried. Brian takes charge, instructing Lilian to find a route back in time for the hearing and to buy two sets of plane tickets. Perhaps it’ll jolt Matt back into the real world if she presents it as a fait accompli. And she must get on the plane, even without him. Brian insists Lilian mustn’t let Matt drag her down with him.
  • Susan’s left Annette in charge and returned home from the shop. Brian’s builder arrived and measured up around her for a flat conversion. She’s also heard that Usha’s on the shop committee, even though Susan isn’t, and the parish council are to discuss the shop, although Neil’s not been told yet. Neil and Susan work each other up; if they hadn’t thought of converting the first floor into a flat, and put the work in, it wouldn’t be an option for the shop now. They’ve both been taken for mugs. And not a word from Mrs Woolley about it. You’d better ask Pat yourself, Neil tells Susan.

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