Brian arranges a visit to see Siobhán but David does not want to hear about it.

Radio Times: Brian plans a secret escape.

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  • Tom has brought his Christmas sales figures but Brian is too busy to look at them straight away. He cannot even spare five minutes to talk to Nollie on her birthday. As for looking at Adam’s blog while he and Ian away – no chance. He does have time for a discouraging word for Tom about his brush with the police; Tom confides in Jennifer that Mike is being more reasonable – for Brenda’s sake.
  • Brian’s urgent matter is a phone call to Siobhán; he wants to call on her and Ruairidh on the way back from his trip to Hungary. She agrees but she is rather short with him. When David catches up with him, he cannot resist sharing his concerns; David really does not want to hear this but Brian pleads that he has no-one else to talk to about it. Jennifer cuts the conversation mercifully short with the news that Kate is pregnant; Brian is underwhelmed.
  • In the pub, Mike and Tom coordinate plans for Brenda’s birthday. Mike pays Tom the compliment, though it comes out all wrong, that Brenda could do a lot worse for a boyfriend. They drink to Brenda’s birthday and to restored relationships between Willow Farm and Bridge Farm.

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