Phil’s worried about David. Jill’s worried about Shula. Mike’s worried about Roy’s birthday.

Radio Times: Phil and Jill read between the lines.

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  • Tom arrives early to give Brenda her birthday presents, and she’s delighted with them. She and Hayley look forward to their day of pampering at Grey Gables.
  • Jill goes to have coffee with Shula after church, while Phil goes to tell David about a farm sale. Phil is surprised to find David laying hardcore on a Sunday -and even more surprised to see that he’s got a flask with him, when it would be so much cosier to go into the Brookfield kitchen.
  • The Grey Gables day goes well, and the two girls enjoy it all. Brenda tells Hayley how much she values her friendship, and Hayley is touched. When Tom picks Brenda up, he gives her another present; a heart on a chain, and tells her how much he loves her.
  • In true Ambridge fashion, Mike is now fretting about Roy’s birthday. Hayley suggests a boys’ day out. Mike thinks that’s a great idea, and is keen to pay his share.
  • Phil confides his worries over Ruth and David to Jill, who, again in true Ambridge fashion, is worried about Shula and Alistair. Maybe there’s just too much soul-searching nowadays, she muses. In their day they just got on with it.

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