Shula plans to revamp the cricket club. Susan plans a romantic holiday for Christopher.

Radio Times: Alistair gets the winter blues.

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  • Alistair’s had a bad day and ends up soaked through and full of gloom. Shula suggests supper at the Bull to cheer them all up.
  • Someone else is full of gloom; Christopher’s posh new girlfriend has invited him to her parents’ chalet for some skiing, but he can’t afford it. Neil is typically cynical about the whole idea, but the aspirational Susan is all for it. She thinks they should help him raise the money.
  • Alistair finds the winter blues dissolve as Sid talks about the new season’s cricket. He’s managed to book the nets at Edgbaston for training sessions, and his umpiring course is going well. Suddenly life looks a whole lot better to Alistair, especially when Shula suggests a supporters’ club, a fund-raising committee and a return to the cricket teas of yesteryear.
  • Susan won’t drop the subject of Christopher and the chalet. She thinks they should at least enable him to spend Valentine’s Day on the slopes with Venetia. Neil grows increasingly scornful, and eventually he and Christopher head for the Bull, where holidays are under discussion. Alistair comments that skiing is a wonderful experience, leaving Christopher to bemoan his financial desert. Honours are even when the topic turns to cricket, and Neil tactlessly asks if Alistair has been spending club funds on scratch cards.

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