Brian asks about a keeper’s job outside Ambridge. Alice drunkenly kisses a willing Chris.

Radio Times: Alice finds an unlikely love interest.

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  • Jennifer hears Marjorie’s funeral is on Thursday from Susan at the shop. Escape proves difficult; she hears Christopher has passed his farrier exams, might one day start his own business, and goes to London for the diploma.
  • Back home, Susan primes Christopher to back her up over Neil taking time off. Neil’s digging. Not an escape tunnel but a duckling pond for George. More grandfather rivalry over George’s affections?
  • Pat tips Brian off about William’s escape plan and suggests maybe he does need a break. Can Brian leave the door open for Will to return? Later, he phones Lawrence. “Are you still looking for a keeper?”
  • Chris spots Alice queueing for the opening of a new club, Baker’s. He’s not keen to be fixed up with her friends after Venetia; he’s off posh, apart from Alice. Once inside, Chris gets Alice on the dance floor. Some drinks later, he takes an over-imbibed Alice outside. He calls a taxi and will take her home.
  • Whilst waiting, Alice, drunkenly, repeatedly, tells Chris he’s sweet before giving him a kiss and saying she fancies him. “Alice, you’re wrecked!” says Christopher. “Yeah, and you’re fiiit!” comes the reply. More kisses.

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