Brian arranges six-month Gloucester attachment for William. Alice regrets the night before.

Radio Times: Brian learns lessons from the past.

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  • Will almost tells Brian about resigning but Brian knows and suggests instead a six-month attachment to a Gloucester shoot to avoid “bumping into the happy couple”. Will accepts but may not come back afterwards. Brian says George needs his father and Will must keep in touch. He later tells Jenny that he’s not risking finding his keeper dead in a game hut again.
  • Jennifer’s furious with Alice’s state last night. It means selling strawberries at the farmers’ market is cancelled. Alice texts Christopher, at mum’s behest, to say she’ll repay the taxi fare.
  • Once Jennifer’s gone Adam hears how Alice ravaged Chris, who was a perfect gentleman, and is regretting it. Adam thinks Alice knew what she was doing and Chris must feel he’s onto a sure thing.
  • Chris arrives unexpectedly and fails to pick up on Alice’s apology “about everything” and her ‘amnesia’. He’s clearly keen to jog her memory sometime. She tells Adam that she hopes Chris got the message.
  • William tells Clarrie he’s off to Gloucester and she can visit. She can’t dissuade him but then settles on bringing George. William says no. His attempted fratricide has scared him; he can’t see George and hand him back to Emma and Ed.

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