Will is bent on going away: he just can’t bear to see Emma with Ed.

Radio Times: The truth hurts for Emma and Will.

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  • Whatever she suggests, Clarrie cannot make any impression on William’s state of mind. He is going; he is going on Tuesday evening; meanwhile he has masses to do and the suggestion that he should see George before he goes just makes him fly off the handle.
  • Christopher calls on Alice with a CD that he thinks she will like. Alice queries his motive, but he insists that he is driven by friendship – just friendship.
  • When Clarrie explains the situation to Emma she is shocked. This was never her intention. So she rushes off to see Will leaving a tearful Clarrie to explain to Susan.
  • Not surprisingly, George is really pleased to see his daddy after more than two weeks. William agrees reluctantly to go for a walk with Emma and George, though that isn’t going to solve anything. Emma confesses that she too is worried about him, as well as Clarrie; she is sorry that she cannot feel for Will as he would wish but she does care about him. And she begs him not to cut himself off from George. He repeats his fear that he does not feel safe after what he did to Ed; if he does feel able to see him, his mum and dad can take George to Gloucestershire, not Emma: he can’t bear the thought of losing her, as it seems to him, all over again.

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