Tom disappoints, then reconsiders; the way is now clear to try to buy Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Tom’s commitment is called into question.

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  • It’s not that Peggy doesn’t want to talk about Marjorie Antrobus but when Helen mentions her, she quietly changes the subject: Jack has been told but he has forgotten and it would be a shame to spoil a nice day by telling him again.
  • Pat and Tony thought they had spelt out the commitment needed from Tom if they bought Bridge Farm but typically Tom heard only what he wanted to hear. Now his plan is to start up an organic pig business in parallel with the one at Home Farm. That’s spreading himself too thinly in his parents’ view – the deal’s off.
  • Tom loses no time in going to talk to Helen but he finds that she is of similar mind to their parents; she would have said so earlier but hoped he would see it himself. Now she is disappointed. It’s her future at stake too. Tom agrees to think about it – and accepts an errand to drop in on his Gran.
  • When he gets there, Peggy is quick to notice that he is absorbed in his thoughts and he explains only that someone had suggested some restructuring. That would be a challenge, she observes. Over old photos, they reminisce about Jack’s successful business ventures – and on a failure; the lesson he learnt from that was to concentrate his energy on things he cares about. Is there a message there for Tom?
  • At Bridge Farm, the gloom is dispelled when Tom reappears to say that he will leave Home Farm; they wanted 100% commitment – they’ve got it! Let’s go for it. Tony will tackle Graham Ryder and Tom will broach the subject with Brian.

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