Brian brings a smile (if not a grin) to Debbie’s face and David has one last idea to bring Elizabeth round.

Radio Times: David has a doomsday option.

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  • Simon and Debbie, on their last unmarried day, are looking around Grange Farm. There’s a lot of work to do, but Debbie’s mind is more on Brian – that she’d rather he would be there tomorrow, even if it meant scowling all through the proceedings.
  • Joe’s come to Ambridge and is feeling generally bullish (in The Bull, too). He’s not enjoying the new flat, but does enjoy showing today’s Echo to David. There’s a story on their eviction, which a quote from Matt Crawford outlining his “deep sadness and regret.” The editorial, though, is scathing, commenting that regret could have been shown earlier, especially in these tough times. David wished he could have done more, but Joe thinks he did more than could have been expected as it was.
  • While Jennifer’s trying to straighten out her hat in a steamy kitchen, Debbie and Simon say their last goodbyes – until tomorrow. She’s chirpy, but refuses to let on, until he leaves and she shows a present to Jennifer. It was on her dressing table – a beautiful necklace from Brian – with a card “love Dad.” She’s happy again, although not as happy as she might have been, she is happy.
  • David’s finishing some figures in the office as Phil comes in for a word. He wants to tell David that he and Jill have made a decision which must, it seems, annoy either him or Elizabeth, but that it will be the final decision. David’s nervous and is surprised (and pleased) when Phil reveals that they’re going to return to the original plan. David, though, wants one last attempt at compromising with his sister. He wants to suggest that he and Ruth inherit the farm, but they would have to offer a share of the proceeds if it were ever sold. It’s not ideal, but he hopes it might be enough to bring about a reconcilation.