Caroline’s really spoiling William and Edward spills the beans and the Sid and Jolene cat is well and truly out of the bag.

Radio Times: Clarrie can’t believe her ears.

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  • Edward’s on the school bus after school. Emma’s wonders if he’s forgotten that he lives around the corner, but it’s very deliberate. He would rather go and hang around the graveyard that be in the flat alone with Joe. He manages to convined Emma to let him hand around at hers instead … which pleases Neil and Susan! They don’t mind too much, although the music’s loud and he’s busy perfecting his “teenager lounging over all the available chairs” routine. Susan tells Neil to, after tea, wander to the Bull to tell Clarrie. When supper arrives he and Emma arrive to the table discussing love lives. Susan teases the identities out of them … and then wishes she hasn’t. Sid and Jolene’s affair is less secret by the hour.
  • William had been to Borchester for dinner last night, stayed over and caught a bus to work. The bus went around half the county, so he’s working late. Caroline offers, and initially he declines, to waive his rent to enable him to buy some driving lessons (he could then borrow estate vehicles). She’ll square things with Clarrie, and he’s very grateful, although still aware of how much she’s doing for him.
  • When Clarrie comes to pick up Edward, Susan mentions it to her. Initially they try to play an over-active imagination, but he tells them that Fallon told him – and mentions the time when Kathy was away and Jolene didn’t come home. Suddenly they’re not to disbelieving and they all wonder what to do with the news. Keeping schtuum is the concensus, but what will happen when Kathy finds out?