Lewis stops Julia from playing with the builders and Lizzie tells Jennifer of their problems.

Radio Times: Lewis lays down the law.

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  • Nigel and Elizabeth are putting the arrangements in place for the grand opening in two and a half weeks’ time. Lewis also has this on his mind, particularly Julia’s habit of distracting the builders with tea and little jobs, so that the orangery’s conversion might not be ready. Nigel’s not sure he can stop her, but Lewis is sure that he can … although it might not be polite!
  • Pat’s in the village shop and wonders who fitted it out, because she’s got the sketches back from one firm and hates their ideas for their shop.
  • Lizzie’s at Home Farm to try and discuss outfits with Debbie – she’s away at a lamb-related meeting with David. Lizzie hopes David doesn’t appear and spills the beans to Jennifer. She paints the situation as David being handed the family business, without a consideration for the twins, as if she, Shula and Kenton would be left without a bean.
  • Pat and Jennifer are colluding, some scheme for Debbie’s wedding … as they’re discussing it, Phoebe manages to spill something all over Jennifer’s brand new, very expensive, new hat.
  • Lewis catches up with Julia, who can’t see that her distracting the builders could put the project behind. He bans her from even talking to them – to which she complains – but he says it them or him, does she still want to be friends? She meekly submits and gets up to find the directory to contact a handyman. Nigel and Lizzie look on in awe.