Phil doesn’t manage to tell his decision to David and Edward is doing all he can to avoid the new flat.

Radio Times: Ed prefers the sofa.

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  • Edward, playing the Chemical Brothers too loud for his mum’s liking, doesn’t appreciate the early breakfast time (so Eddie can be on the building site for 7-30) and has been sleeping in an armchair rather than share with Joe. Clarrie’s working at the dairy and the Bull this evening and Eddie starts work delivering curries which, as Edward points out, will at least keep him out of the flat.
  • David’s livid. Someone left the pig’s gate open and he and Ruth waste a few hours rounding them up. When Phil wanders up to say something to them David lets loose, wondering why the pigs haven’t been got rid of sooner. Phil doesn’t appreciate the tongue lashing and wanders off again. David’s only passingly curious as to what he might have wanted to say.
  • Edward rocks up at William’s in the evening (with some cans of beer in hand – although did he buy them in his school uniform). He’s not enjoying life at the new flat and is envious of William’s situation. Caroline, ostensibly to pass on a message to William from Greg, invites them both to supper, which serves to reinforces Edward’s opinions!

    When Edward arrived, William was playing a tape of The Kinks’ “Dead End Street” – “What are we living for? Two roomed appartment on the seventh floor…..” – credit to Sid for spotting that one.

  • At 11-30, Clarrie returns home to Joe and Eddie tucking into a volcanically hot (but free) curry – and no Edward. Just as she starts to worry, Caroline rings to say that they’d found him asleep earlier (when he had gone to ring his mum at the Bull) and he’s staying over. He will not, Clarrie affirms, be making a habit of this …