David’s willing to compromise on the basis that Lizzie won’t, but Phil decides that enough’s enough and he’ll just have to annoy Lizzie.

Radio Times: Phil loses patience.

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  • A sleepless night in the bungalow. David was restless, so Ruth didn’t sleep. He’s beginning to think that, in the face of Elizabeth’s irresistable force, their immovable object might need to be re-positioned slightly. Ruth’s livid at the thought of compromise, but David’s sure that Elizabeth won’t budge either and, at the end of the day, someone has to. Phil comes along at the end of this, although doesn’t over hear any of it, he does pick up on the fact that something is up.
  • Chris and George have been to the treetop walk, with George quickly becoming a huge fan. Later they lunch at Brookfield, confident that when Lower Loxley opens it will be a big success.
  • Jill comments that, ever since they decided that they would be moving, Brookfield just doesn’t seem like home any more. Phil’s also come to a decision point. Fairness has always been their watchword with their children, but their legacy needs to be that they all need a home and a means to a living. David is a farmer and needs a farm, Lower Loxley might fail, but so could Brookfield. Elizabeth might resent it and be angry, but that will be a shame, but unavoidable. He’s decided that she’ll just have to live with it, he intends to revert to the original plan – that they move out and David and Ruth move in and inherit the farmhouse and the land.