Brian still isn’t going to the wedding and, even with David’s numbers, he and Elizabeth are still no closer to common ground.

Radio Times: Brian plans some light manoeuvres.

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  • Jennifer’s been hat shopping and meets Simon for lunch in Underwoods. He’s foreseeing a quieter stag night than Debbie’s hen night last night – he received a garbled message at 3am with something about a conga line on the Lower Loxley lawn and a rugby team …
  • Jennifer’s shopping included a new tie for Brian (who wasn’t unduly appreciative of her new, £400, hat) but he’s still not going to be going to the wedding – indeed, he won’y even be at Home Farm on Thursday, when Debbie stays there the night before.
  • Lewis is a little aggrieved, not only is one of his builders (Nathan – also one of last night’s rugby players) missing, but he’s just had to turn away an erroneus delivery of bricks. He leaves David with Julia while he searches out Elizabeth. Julia it seems, had organised that delivery of bricks (and Nathan) to do work at the gallery that no-one else knew about. Lewis, it seems, has discovered it …
  • Elizabeth, a little the worse for yesterday’s wear, meets with David, who has prepared some figures for her to look at. He hopes to show that Brookfield’s not the cash cow she would like to think – indeed, issuing shares might endanger its viability. She would only want dividends when the place was profitable, but who decides what profitable is. The conversation starts to tie Lower Loxley’s viability into the equation and soon we’re back to square one with neither party giving ground and incredulous that the other can’t appreciate their perspective. David, under get another dark cloud, leaves.