Brian catches a pass.

Radio Times: Brian catches a pass.

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  • As Brian prepares to lunch with his accountant at Grey Gables, Jack seeks confirmation from him of the rumours about the proposed leisure complex. He is cagey about the details but tries to pump Jack for folk’s reactions. It seems that most people are against it, although Sid thinks it will help his trade.
  • Christine is looking forward to having George around more when the new keeper starts at Grey Gables. He is Carl Swift, and starts next week, but Chris is alarmed to learn that George will still be working for a four to five week handover period. Keeper’s Cottage has a tenant in situ, so Carl will live in at Grey Gables pro tem.
  • Neil is getting rather fed up of sawing logs by himself as Mike hasn’t turned up for the last two days, and his chain saw is playing up as well! Debbie’s attempts to relieve the boredom with a chat prove rather difficult. On the topic of the new doctor (who Susan has met at the surgery) he can’t remember much of what Susan has said, except that he is a Dr. Hathaway in his mid 30’s, comes from London, has trained in the army, and has a wife who is “something to do with languages”.
  • Matt Crawford arrives not to see Brain, but (he thinks) to pick up Debbie to take her to the nightclub. Debbie makes it very clear that she does not want to go with him to the nightclub or anywhere else. Matt resorts to some physical contact, and Brian arrives to hear Debbie’s “get your hands off me now”, and orders Matt to “get out of here now” in no uncertain terms.

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