Sid is in training.

Radio Times: Sid is in training.

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  • Eddie is sorting out the shoebox to get the accounts information needed for the family credit form. He is less than happy about Pat checking the form over for Clarrie.
  • Eddie has been delivering some more muck, and he still smells of it in the Bull. Service is slow behind the bar, and there are strange rumbling noises coming from the function room upstairs. Tony and Eddie investigate, only to find Sid working out on Kathy’s new exercise machine.
  • Clarrie is concerned that William is spending too much time with George, to the detriment of his school work. George is reluctant to interfere, but he agrees to have a word and tells William that he must concentrate on school work – learning about keepering can come later. William has other ideas though – he is 16 now, and no-one is going to tell him what to do!
  • Pat is determined to make Tommy’s 18th birthday party a happy occasion, despite it also being the anniversary of John’s death. All the bickering is getting to her, especially Helen and Hayley. On the one hand Helen is her daughter, and she really wishes she was not about to go off to Zimbabwe, but on the other hand Hayley is her last link with John and she cannot bear the thought of falling out with her.