Brian clearly disagrees with Adam’s view of the way forward for the estate work. Ruth has to host a huge dinner party to entertain Sophie next Friday.

Radio Times: Ruth prepares for an unwelcome guest.

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  • Usha appears to be as obsessed with Sophie as the rest of the village and Ruth claims she felt like a country bumpkin. Ruth has noticed that David is suddenly a lot keener on the fund raising lunch than he had been.
  • Matt is cosying up to Debbie in her new lair in the estate office. Graham certainly wasn’t keen on being “sacked”. She agrees she isn’t going to do any favours with the contract to Home Farm and Matt gives her a free hand.
  • David and Sophie have a great time catching up. Sophie encourages David to remember some of the things they used to do together. And David even then thinks of Lower Loxley as an option for a fund raising fashion show. A visit to Brookfield next Friday also fits the bill…. And suddenly it’s a major dinner party for Ruth to arrange. With Phil, Jill and Shula! Usha agrees to offer some support! Ruth will just have to grin and bear it.
  • Brian has a chat with Debbie about how they are going to organise the work on the estate. He is clear that he wants to do more than Adam is comfortable with and Debbie begins to press…. Plus there is the little “office warming” gift.

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