Debbie gives the estate contract work back to Home Farm but Adam is worried. Jazzer is excited at the prospect of being a milkman.

Radio Times: Oliver tests Jazzer’s bottle.

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  • Jennifer continues to be obsessed about Sophie’s return but Debbie has no recollection of her and is more interested in the farm meeting. She’s also spending a lot of time with Matt on this visit. He’s given her an annual contract to manage the estate farms so Graham is out on his ear. She’ll be in charge of everything. Jennifer and Brian are impressed with her plans but Adam is more dubious – especially about whether conservation would be profitable. But she has decided to give all the contract work back to Home Farm if they want it. Adam isn’t sure they can cope with all of it but Brian and Jennifer shout him down. He does persuade them to at least take some time to think but Adam doesn’t think Brian was even listening. Adam reckons Debbie is on Matt’s side now but Jennifer thinks he should stop worrying.
  • Ed has caught Jazzer smoking in the dairy. He’s furious. He says he won’t tell Oliver but he’s got to promise not to do it again. Ed isn’t impressed with his cleaning either and takes over. He doesn’t actually tell Oliver that Jazzer isn’t coping, but he does hint. Oliver suggests Jazzer might do some of the milk round and Jazzer is really keen – even on getting up at 3.00am in the morning. He won’t let Mike down.

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