Brian confronts the anti-dairy demonstrators.

Radio Times: Brian comes face to face with the opposition, while Jennifer and Lilian put family first.

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  • What’s going on at the market? A demonstration against the dairy – both being BL projects, Brian must hurry over there.
  • Meanwhile Jennifer and Lilian are visiting their little brother, rather relieved that they still have him. They come bearing gifts of healthy food, though it was probably stress that brought on the heart attack, not diet. They are one big happy family; it’s a pity it took such a crisis to bring it about. They decline to try out his new gadget to measure blood pressure, a gift from Helen, but they are pleased he is taking his health seriously.
  • Strictly speaking the demonstrators should have informed the council in advance; nevertheless, now the demonstration has started there is nothing the council or the police can do. Brian summons all his resources of tact and diplomacy to try to persuade them to go away but Kirsty, who is prominent among them, assures him that he has not seen the last of them, so he had better get used to it.

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