Clarrie returns to the Bridge Farm dairy.

Radio Times: Clarrie makes a new start, and there is something bothering Tom.

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  • David is helping out at Bridge Farm; Pip has also promised to help this week. He really wants to talk to Ruth about the herd but she sidesteps the issue.
  • Clarrie is back in the Bridge Farm dairy, rather worried about getting it wrong. How will she and Susan cope without gossiping? It is however permissible to pass on the good news that Tracy’s kids have got places at Loxley Barrett.
  • When he returns from Bridge Farm, David makes another attempt to broach the subject of the herd. He gets put firmly in his place by Ruth and told to stop hassling her: he seems to have forgotten how he did his research without involving Ruth; now she is doing some research and will share it when she has something to tell. So back off!
  • It’s been a long day for Tom but a massage by Brenda helps to relieve the tension. He reveals that he is worried about Tony having a second heart attack – like Brenda’s mum. She thinks things are different now; there is no reason it should happen again. So he should go easy on himself. Brenda will help with some of his admin tasks.

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