Tony reckons he will be well enough by Friday to go to the Ambridge Organics new product launch.

Radio Times: Peggy is worried, while Ian tries to make sense of the situation.

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  • No doubt because Brian has told her about the ‘reconciliation’, Jennifer has invited Adam and Ian for lunch. However, Adam is not ready to play happy families just because he was ambushed into a handshake. Ian decides that going out for lunch is the answer – so that is decided upon.
  • Peggy has come to visit Tony, narrowly avoiding being photographed by Tom; he has appreciated the help given by David and Pip and has been tidying the yard. Peggy has some advice for Tony to take the heart attack as a warning and step back from some of the farm work. She is rather surprised to hear that he is planning to go to the launch in Felpersham on Friday. When she later shares this news, Pat is also taken aback; she must have a quiet word.
  • The boys enjoy their lunch – something of a busman’s holiday for Ian. Adam explains his view of the situation with Brian and Ian assures him that there is a lot of opposition in the village. Adam feels that BL, with all their money, will push the dairy project through in spite of the opposition.
  • Taking the air, Tony congratulates Tom on the state of the yard. He is too late to help take the photos but will gladly sort through them. They are all looking forward to having Clarrie back tomorrow. Pat and Tom are convinced that the launch on Friday would be too big a day for Tony but how are they going to convince him?

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