Tony returns to a warm welcome. Clarrie returns to her old job. David makes Ruth face facts.

Radio Times: Clarrie receives a surprise visit and David issues an ultimatum.

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  • Clarrie watches a rather subdued Ruth feeding a cade lamb. Pip’s Hassett Hills project is on hold during the Schmallenberg Virus outbreak, and Ruth is extra busy while David helps out at Bridge Farm. David returns with the news that Tony is home, though still very weak. Clarrie goes off to see Bert, but Ruth refuses to speak to David about the future of Brookfield.
  • Adam calls on Tony to offer some help, and they are both amused at the thought of Brian doing the veg boxes. Tony is eager for local news; Adam tells him Chris has just signed the contract for his farrier’s business.
  • Brian finally manages to have some sort of conversation with Adam, and uses Tony’s illness to make his point; they should all make the most of what life has to offer, so why not agree to differ and shake hands? A particularly sullen Adam just manages to do this before rushing off. At least Brian is pleased.
  • While Tony has a sleep, Helen broaches the subject of getting some help in the dairy. With the launch and all that entails, they must be on top of things. She suggests asking Clarrie, and says she will ask her if Pat finds it difficult. A very relieved Pat takes up the offer.
  • Clarrie is pleased to see Helen and to hear news of Tony, but is taken aback when Helen asks if she would consider coming back to work. Clarrie wastes little time in thinking about it. Of course she will.
  • David forces Ruth to hear him out. He knows how much she wants to keep the herd, but points out that every hour she spends with the cows is an hour’s income lost. If Brookfield is to survive they will have to lose the herd. If Ruth is unable to find an alternative answer the herd will have to go.

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