Tony comes to see what really matters. Lily comes to see why Nigel loved bell-ringing.

Radio Times: Helen is supportive. Meanwhile, Lily strikes out alone.

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  • Neil gives Tom a hand moving the pig arks before going home to change for bell-ringing; he is giving some keen beginners their first lesson.
  • Helen takes Henry to visit Tony, who still sounds weak, but is pleased to see his visitors, though he sounds less enthralled to learn that Peggy will be in later. Elizabeth comes with a card from the twins. While he is greatly relieved to have resolved his differences with Jennifer, Tony’s real wish is to see Tom, so Helen goes home to pass on the message.
  • While Freddie has a riding lesson, Lily has her first attempt at bell-ringing, and proves a competent, if garrulous, learner. Elizabeth is delighted to see her following in Nigel’s footsteps.
  • While Helen does the deliveries, Tom goes to see Tony. He wants to apologise for his behaviour prior to Tony’s heart attack, but Tony will not hear of it; that is all in the past, and he is very grateful to Tom for his quick thinking. They share a joke about Susan’s decision to give up gossip.

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