The clan rally round, and much heart-searching takes place.

Radio Times: Brian is in unfamiliar territory and Tom is filled with remorse.

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  • Jennifer is full or remorse when she hears about Tony, and blames herself for treating him so badly. Brian tries to make light of it, but Jennifer is still not reassured.
  • Pat returns from the hospital looking very weary. Helen insists that she tries to get some rest. But the news is good; Tony is out of pain and his pulse and blood pressure are normal. He will have to stay in hospital for a few days, but the stent they inserted should ensure that he has no recurrence of his heart problems. Tom cannot forgive himself for putting Tony under such stress, but Pat tells him no-one was to blame.
  • Both David and Brian call to see if they can help. David takes over the milking, and Brian, to his surprise, finds himself packing veg boxes. Meanwhile Jennifer wants to see Tony.
  • When Pat tells Tony about all the offers of help, he is very touched, and says that if Jennifer wants to come and see him, he will be happy to see her. When she arrives, she is full of remorse, and tells Tony she realises how trivial her concerns are in comparison with what has happened. Tony feels the same, and they agree to put their differences well and truly behind them.

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