Tom’s behaviour has serious consequences.

Radio Times: Tom pushes things too far. Meanwhile, Will and Nic are celebrating.

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  • With his usual crashing lack of sensitivity, Tom browbeats an exhausted Tony about growing chili peppers. Tony becomes angry, and orders Tom to shut up.
  • As Pat and Helen discuss the Aldridge fallout, Tom comes bursting in, shouting and complaining bitterly about Tony. Henry starts to cry, and Pat very firmly tells Tom to leave his father alone. Refusing to listen to any other point of view, Tom returns to the milking parlour where he finds Tony collapsed, with severe chest and arm pains, barely able to speak. Realising what has happened, Tom dials 999.
  • Jake and Mia have discovered some fireworks, so Will agrees to set them off after tea to celebrate the fact that he and Nic have been married for eight weeks. As they get underway, Nic receives a call from Helen, asking her to come immediately.
  • Realising the part his behaviour has played in Tony’s collapse, Tom is frantic. The paramedics administer pain relief and do an ECG before taking Tony to hospital. Pat goes with him, leaving Helen to tell the family. Tom sees to the cows.
  • After a tense wait, Pat rings. It was a heart attack, and Tony has undergone an angioplasty, but is somewhat better. On the ward, Tony apologises for being a nuisance. He really thought he was a goner.

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