Neil’s act of kindness is not wanted. Brian’s attempt at restoring good relations is not wanted. .

Radio Times: Brian offers the hand of peace and Susan tries to control herself.

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  • Neil is greatly enjoying the lack of Tracy and the children, though that peace is soon shattered when Susan suggests that as one of Alan’s random acts of kindness he might go and paint Gary’s room. Neil retaliates by suggesting that Susan might also take up Alan’s challenge and stop gossiping. Susan informs him that would be no challenge for her.
  • Brian and Annabelle meet at The Feathers to discuss progress on the mega -dairy scheme. Annabelle insists that he and Debbie did brilliantly at the public meeting. Their worries now are the planning authority and the Environmental Agency, not to mention the Green activists. Annabelle insists that Brian must talk to Adam. As Brian kisses her goodbye, they are spotted by Susan. Brian thinks they should give her something to gossip about, but is met with a very firm rebuff from Annabelle.
  • On her return, Susan longs to tell Neil what she saw outside The Feathers, but Neil reminds her that she claimed giving up gossip is no challenge. Poor Susan has to keep her hot gossip to herself. But Neil has news. Bert has returned the paint because Gary has a Star Trek bedroom and does not want it painted
  • Brian manages to track Adam down, and does his best to build bridges, but Adam is having none of it. He dismisses all Brian’s claims to respect Adam’s point of view and storms off.

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