Alice has to face financial reality. Ruth has to face financial reality.

Radio Times: Ruth is at the end of her tether and Chris shows his thoughtful side.

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  • Old school friends have asked Alice and Chris to go skiing with them over Easter, but Alice knows they will not be able to afford it. She tries valiantly to pretend she is not disappointed, but Chris is upset for her. They go for a walk, but an angry Alice storms off; nothing is right for her.
  • At Home Farm Jennifer is worried about the growing rifts in the family. She wishes Debbie could have talked things through with Adam. Brian retreats into denial; Martin and Annabelle are in support so what can go wrong?
  • A large electricity bill reduces Ruth to tears. No matter what they do, the odds seemed stacked against them. David tries to console her, but knows in his heart that the dairy herd will have to go. Ruth is adamant; she will never consider that.
  • Jennifer goes to Brookfield in search of Adam, but Ruth will not face her. Even the thick-skinned Jennifer can sense the atmosphere, and she beats a hasty retreat.
  • Alice tells Brian about the skiing trip and her anger towards Chris, but true to his masculine form where emotional problems are concerned, he suggests she talk to her mother about it. At that moment Chris appears, bring Alice some catkins. She is overwhelmed. He suggests booking an indoor snowboarding session, which pleases Alice. Jennifer wishes she had only their problems to deal with.

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