The BL meeting is heated and the result might have gone either way. Tony was too tired to go.

Radio Times: Sparks fly at the village meeting, while David bites his tongue.

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  • It’s meeting time and Brian is disappointed at the few people he’s been able to get on his side. Debbie tells him they have a good story to tell – except maybe the environmental stuff.
  • Pat is ready to go to the meeting but Tony decides not to. He is tired and wants an early night. So Pat dumps Henry on him and tells him to entertain him. Pat gives a rather over emotional speech. Debbie tries to be reasonable but there aren’t that many voices on her side. Pat points out it’s not just the size of the cowshed, it’s the other buildings, the digester, the tarmac. Ed points out that he has to move his cows on the local roads and with all the construction traffic, that’s going to be dangerous. Ruth makes her point about the threat to local herds and Debbie tells her, her current problems aren’t down to BL and she tries to claim that the animals will be better off in nice airy sheds than in local cramped ones. And Brian intervenes by yelling at Pat that it will be a lot more hygienic than some local farms recently but Pat doesn’t rise. Ruth also ends up making a passionate speech about animals not being food factories which attracts a lot of support.
  • Joe can’t make it though Ed is planning to speak. He is sure Will is only supporting Brian to spite him.
  • David and Debbie have a chat afterwards. She thanks him for his neutrality and David manages to be polite but he has to leave when Brian turns up. Debbie and Annabelle think the meeting went well. Brian isn’t so sure.

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