Brian continues to find fault with Greg and Tommy’s bail conditions are being kept – just.

Radio Times: The chocolate finger points.

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  • At Brookfield preperations are well advanced for Josh’s second birthday party this afternoon, Ruth is touched that Greg’s dropped in with a card and a voucher. Hayley “the Party Gnome” is there to help out and sets to blowing up balloons. Pandemium duly breaks out and Ruth’s hoping that Friday’s party for David will be as good (his birthday is Saturday but everywhere’s booked) although she’s having trouble finding a disco at such short notice.
  • Greg’s spending a lot time on the Grey Gables shoot and is keeping Caroline informed of what he’s doing, Brian is less pleased though. He’s not happy with the birds possibly straying into Grange Farm (as he mentioned yesterday) and, when Greg’s gone after his dressing down, Caroline’s protest that good keepers should be left alone falls on deaf ears. (Another mention tonight for Brian’s new car – so when will this fall prey to the local car thieves?!)
  • Peggy’s finally got Jack to behave in something like the manner that she envisioned for their retirement, a visit to a stately home with plenty of time for buying roses and he’s re-planning the garden! Meanwhile Caroline’s decorating her new office, but the decorators are causing a few headaches.
  • Tommy’s at his wits end – he’s been trying, with no avail, to call Kirsty – he’s worried that she’s not called him. Hayley suggests that as they’re both grown up and trustworthy, there’s nothing to do but sit it out.