Tea with Grandma and Jennifer comisserates with Siobhán.

Radio Times: Peggy lets them eat cake.

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  • Jennifer tries to broker a peace between Debbie and Brian, although Debbie’s going to take some convincing that Brian didn’t mean every gold-digging word. Simon’s got a fan in Jennifer but how will her grandmother react when they go for tea this afternoon? Jennifer worried about Peggy’s reaction too, she and Brian will be in the Caribbean for New Year – not en famille in Ambridge.
  • Jack can’t stay away from Grey Gables, even to the extent of being late for the tea party! Caroline’s sure she can cope, but he managed to call a plumber to look at a problem she’d already resolved and, when Jennifer popped in, she mentioned it and the news got back to Peggy who gave him a fairly stern talking to, which seems a little off – he may well be retired but he is still the owner!
  • Siobhán meets Jennifer at Grey Gables having just been swimming and Jennifer passes on her sympathies and that she’s pleased that she’s seems back to rights again. Siobhán seems surprised, although whether that’s because Jennifer was being fairly forceful or shock at her “secret” being out in the open is unclear.
  • Tea passed off very well, although Simon was making a very obvious effort complimenting Peggy’s cake-baking as well as praising the innovative polychromatic design in the masonry of Grey Gables’ neo-Gothic Victorian façade! Peggy generally approves, although she’s worried about the parallels with Lillian who married a smooth-talking Canadian and disappeared west for a while.