The swap is being arranged and just how (and what) did Jennifer know?

Radio Times: Nigel cannot see the wood for the tree.

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  • Nigel and Elizabeth have returned from a most enjoyable trip to County Mayo and are catching up on news: Pip’s gone to school today, David’s (recovered, stolen) car is due back from the garage today and Simon and Debbie are getting on well, although Brian’s still reacting a little obsessively. They’ve got lots of ideas for Lower Loxley and it’s gallery (painting holidays, for example), but in the short-term there’s a very old oak tree that Nigel wants to protect but is right in the middle of where Lizzie thinks the car park should be, it is suggested that George, as the new Tree Warden, should be involved.
  • Siobhán is a little perplexed by Jennifer’s knowledge and verifies that it didn’t come from Nigel and Elizabeth, although maybe she was just over-dramatising her “mystery flu” as the word miscarriage was never actually mentioned.
  • Things anew at Brookfield as Phil and Ruth return with ideas for the pig sties and Phil wants to prepare more for their new grazing regime, although David’s worried that some of his ideas smack of too much permanence for what is only an experiment.
  • Smart asides and snide remarks abound as, finally, the Brookfield house swap approaches resolution. Ruth and David seem resigned to swapping back into the bungalow – Jill is fiercely adamant that she wants her house back!