Eddie’s got some plans, George dispense countryside advice and Hayley lays down the law for Tommy.

Radio Times: It’s a tough gig for Tommy.

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  • Alistair returns to Grange Farm will bad news – 65% of the herd is at least carrying BVD. Eddie baulks a little at the cost (£10 a head) of the vaccination. He wonders if the younger stock can be missed out? There’s a little good news, the infection may be the cause of the fertility problems and, off-topic, Brian’s casual works, a couple of Kiwis, are very useful cricketers! In the midst of all this, Clarrie returns home under a cloud … she’s walked from Bridge Farm because the car lock jammed!
  • George is at Lower Loxley and agrees that the oak tree could really be very old indeed. Hayley’s there picnicing with the children – away from the tense Brookfield as much as anything else. Daniel, meanwhile, is looking forward to watching out for hedgehogs later with Alistair and George – they see one, too (with plenty of information on the care and treatment of the little fellers!)
  • The bank is getting fed up with Grange Farm and they will not be extending their overdraft. Eddie’s very enigmatic in his “don’t worry, Clarrie-love” … even refusing another sausage at lunchtime …
  • Preperations are advance for the mixed-team cricket match next week – Ambridge vs the diocese.
  • Tommy and Hayley are having a drink ahead of a band in the Students’ Union. Hayley sniffs a set-up when Kirsty walks in but is very strict in her demands that Tommy not go over to talk to her. This is very hard for him not to do, not least because she’s with another bloke who he’s thinks is being a little handy. Hayley threatens to scream that he attacked her if they don’t just walk out of the bar that instant.