David’s party goes well but Tommy is not in the mood.

Radio Times: Has David’s balloon burst?

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  • Ruth’s making final preperations for David’s birthday bash in the Bull and even Kate’s lending some catering help! Ruth’s concerned that David’s determined not to enjoy himself but she needn’t have worried. Eddie’s procured a karaoke machine and, thanks to David’s renditions of Jailhouse Rock and an oozingly schmaltzy Love Me Tender, things go off swimmingly. Although, he is at pains to point out that he’s not forty until tomorrow ….
  • Hayley is trying to contact Kirsty on Tommy’s behalf – yesterday’s mystery man is obviously worrying him. He’s downstairs at the Bull consoling himself and Kate, grabbing a breather, tries to talk him out of the idea of pleading guilty next week just so he can get it all over with.
  • Simon and Debbie are at the party to and it’s the first time Simon’s met Kate, it’s only fleeting and she invites them round for supper on Monday. Simon reveals that he’s worried about Brian’s feelings – that they’re very intense and impenetrable.