Eddie’s being mysterious about a job and Debbie’s increasingly concerned about Brian.

Radio Times: William’s face is a picture.

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  • Eddie’s being very cagey about the work he’s doing on the side. Whatever it is needs time, but neither his son nor his father is willing to take on the morning milking for him, at least, not without knowing more details. William’s making a diary for his college course, complete with photos, although Eddie pointing out that the camera is empty (after Joe’d taken a load of action shots) made them slightly more lenient to his cause.
  • Later in the Bull, for a bargained for pint, Eddie is collared by Clarrie. A “business associate” called for Eddie regarding Eddie’s purchase of his franchise. Eddie’s still not big on details …
  • Lizzie and Debbie are looking over Sean’s fine work in the gallery and, later, meet in the Bull for a drink. Debbie’s happy that Simon’s getting on well with most of her family – all bar one. Lizzie mentions that David and she were talking about that the other night – David got the impression that Brian wasn’t so interesting in the gold-digging (nor in the previous thoughts about his previously runnning out on her), he repeated the thought of an older man “pawing his daughter”. Debbie is, frankly, disturbed by this and, the longer it continues, the less she believes that he’ll come around.