Chaos at Woodbine Cottage and Simon gets Kate’s seal of approval.

Radio Times: Ambridge receives a lorry load of trouble.

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  • Sid and Kathy are tidying up outside the Bull, Sid mentions that he’s thinking of joining in with the line-dancing and Kathy’s a little concerned about Jamie, he’s coming home from school quite happy he is very upset when going, though. Clarrie leaves momentarily to talk to Susan about Friday’s flower and produce show and Sid asks her about Eddie’s latest venture. It seems that his big business move has been to take over his mate’s burger van while his mate’s in hospital for a couple of weeks! While they’re still clearing up a car comes piling along the road at a serious rate of knots on the wrong side of the road and a lorry and …. lots of crashing sounds.
  • Meanwhile Simon and Debbie are preparing for supper at Kate’s, she’s not sure that he’s not laying on the charm a little thick but is touched that he’s making such an effort.
  • The crashing sounds we heard were a lorry making a serious mess of Woodbine Cottage, fortunately Freda Fry was in the Bull working at the time and Bert was busy at Brookfield where he was contacted by the police. He’s in shock at the state of his home – and his prize garden, no begonias in the Flower and Produce Show. No-one’s allowed in the cottage until it’s been made structurally safe. The lorry driver is going to be kept in hospital overnight and no word on the car driver.
  • Simon gets on well with Phoebe and Kate seems to like him. A potentially sticky patch when GMOs come up, but it’s very friendly and he does an admirable job of steering an demonstrably non-committal course. He mentions that not having had children of his own is a regret and, when out of the room, Kate teases Debbie about this – pointing out that she is so completely obviously smitten!