Kirsty is innocent while Tommy continue along the road to not guilty.

Radio Times: Tommy pleads. Hayley does the right thing.

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  • Kirsty and Hayley meet and Kirsty is very nervous, summoned to a meeting with someone she barely knows she’s fully expecting Hayley to deliver terrible news, perhaps that she and Tommy have discovered each other and that Tommy couldn’t tell her himself. Hayley reveals that it’s actually the exact opposite and tells her about how Tommy saw her in the Students’ Union last week with a bloke draped over her. Andrew is the chap’s name, it seems. A very old friend who was trying to cheer her up (and failing). She’s horrified at the thought and she’s so pleased that Tommy is keeping the faith. The fact that Tommy was as worried for her if they were caught meeting meant a lot to her. Hayley obviously believes her and offers to, for one time only, deliver a letter.
  • Tommy, not knowing about Hayley’s meeting, is a little down about his whole situation, made worse by having to wait for so long to be called to enter his plea to the Crown Court. Usha wants him to cheer up a bit and gain some focus.
  • In the Crown Court, the Clerk reads out the charges, Tommy enters his plea of not guilty and his barrister, Patrick Taylor, outlines the basis of his defence, that he had lawful excuse for the reasonable and necessary actions in protecting his family’s organic farm which was in close proximity to the trial GM crop. The judge sets the start date of the trial to be 25 October.
  • Outside the court, Hayley arrives and Tommy’s ecstatic with her news and the contents of the letter, but whether the loud and thankful kiss was particularly discrete in front of a suspicious looking copper, is unclear. He’s suddenly rejuvenated, but Hayley does her deliciously school-ma’am-ish “No!” when he goes to ring Kirsty. Hayley, again, offers to act as a go between and deliver a letter to her and he predicts that she’ll make some man a very lucky husband very soon!